13 February 2006

Sad News

Swingers' ten year reunion.

I don't know but that seems just kind of tawdry and sad. (and why isn't Heather Graham invited?)

(and I was wearing vintage (I still have my velvet red and brown paisley dinner jacket, now to convince the Jeopardy! producers to let me wear that coat. . .), going to the Dresden and Canter's and hitting on waitresses in Vegas (with much less success) in the early 90s, they copied me those bastards! (but I still enjoyed the film when it came out, hated everyone picking up the lingo afterwards though))

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Pooh said...

I was at the Dresden once when I was in LA for business (my boss was built like Favreau and acted like Mike, so it was slightly surreal.) The dudes in the next booth were having a very animated conversation which ended with 2 of them saying "6 days" in unison, without a hint of irony. I'm quite certain they were being serious. It was a scarring experience for me.

I also think that the only reason Favreau and Vaughan inflicted "Made" upon the world was to distract us from the fact that "Swingers", in fact, sucks. It gives me no joy to say this, but say it I will. It's a not good movie...