17 February 2006

From the 'Too Good to be True' Department

Sometimes you struggle to find something worth talking about, other times something falls into your lap that's just so gobsmackingly, spectacularly, and mind-numbingly perfect you can't imagine there not being some guiding force behind your stumbling upon this item.

What stirs me so, this little children's book designed to spawn a new, another generation of good little democrats.

It's such a small little website devoted to such a small little children's book, full of such small little ideas that I'll allow the author to speak for himself

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I received a B.A. from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. from Ohio State University. I currently live in Madison, Wisconsin, with my partner Julia, her daughter Isabella (age six), and our cat Zachary - all lifelong Democrats.

Wow, just effin Wow. Have I mentioned how much I hate effin hippies? Well if this feller isn't a goshdurn effin hippie, then I don't know my Stars and Stripes Forever from my Internationale, And really, where else is he going to live with his 'partner' (and here is where I authorize anyone within bitchslapping range to go ahead and bitchslap the taste out of my mouth should I ever refer to anyone I'm hooked-up, shacked-up, engaged, married to, or just plain shtupping as my 'partner') other than Madison, WI. Also I didn't realize cats could register, but then that might explain some of the voting irregularities that crop up from time to time in cities like Milwaukee (sample election worker dialogue, 'oh, when you said that Mr. Twinkles was your 'cat' I thought you were speaking in the vernacular and referring to him as your good friend, well as long as Mr. Twinkles is a good democratic cat, we'll leave it be').

Also, when you click on the links to the book you'll see 'mommy' and the kids are squirrels, what really could be better. (Maybe a follow-up book could be 'Mommy, What is Squism?')

(small note on squism, for the uninitiated, read the comments section for this old post on Althouse)

This would seem to have been out there for awhile and while doing a Technorati search Wizbang via Bareknucklepolitics would seem to have been first to the pilloring of this book, so I've linked to those posts from months ago.

(I may be late to the party, but hopefully I make up for my tardiness with enthusiasm)

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bill said...

I thought this market of children literature would've been cornered by that effed up "Rainbow Fish." Who teaches the valuable lesson that people will only be your friends if you give them stuff.