19 February 2006


Apologies in advance for the obvious disrespect I show a certain group with this post. I can't help myself.
Upon seeing the above photo posted at LGF, the following thoughts come to mind.

I'm assuming they are trying to evince the idea of a large predatory cat, overcoming fears and jumping through a ring of fire. Good for them, I guess things like actually being able to hit a target when you shoot, proper investigative procedures, knowledge of the legal code, high speed driving, etc. aren't nearly as important as say, being able to have concrete bricks broken on your stomach, being able to be stared at by pictures of dead fish (Arafish) without laughing, or jumping through hoops of fire when one endeavors to 'protect and serve' in the Palestinian Authority.

Now here comes the disrespectful part (for which I readily apologize) seeing the first photo I posted here didn't bring to mind Lions or Tigers, nope instead I think of a fluffy Fifi doing a hoop trick.

And that's so unfair to the Fifi's of the world, I shouldn't compare French Poodles to these Palestinian Police Recruits, it's unfair to the poodles.

(But the lady holding the hoop is wearing green, and a turban, and has her ankles covered, so maybe she was the inspiration for the Palestinians)

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