07 February 2006

Class Act

Class Act.

(what else can you say? Other than he's behaved as well as could be expected given his presidency)

(WaPO's coverage doesn't mention any such politicizing or grandstanding. Is Drudge making this up, or is WaPO covering for lefty unhingedness?)

UPDATE: via Michelle Malkin, the AP doesn't cover up the politicizing (but then that's probably cause they don't see it as controversial or irrefutable)

UPDATE, TOO: More reactions, and links, also Larry Elder is up in arms over this, and speaking about it extensively on his radio program.

UPDATE, Thrice: WaPO's changed their tune. The article as it is currently written does mention the moonbattery, I guess better late then never. I should have said the article as originally written, I'm sure it's out there somewhere if I cared to search for it, the memory hole strikes again.

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vbspurs said...

Nice links, XWL! Thanks. :)

You know, considering I just mentioned ex-President Carter, in respectful terms, what I feel today, is close to having been had.

Probably what people felt after January 1977...