03 February 2006

Appropriation is the Sincerest form of Stealing

Humor from stupidity, that's the American way (assuming the geek with the photoshop was American, it's a safe bet though).

Apologies to LGF for the 'appropriation' but sometimes funny needs to be spread freely (so long as proper attribution also follows)

And here is a link to the original posting that inspired the photoshoppery (plus the original image below). Also here's a link to Tammy Bruce's thoughts on these London based protests (she's been on fire lately regarding these protest, I suggest having a look around)

Because I've been remiss in posting the offending cartoons myself (wouldn't want to be all NBC or WaPOish and intone gravely, 'because of the nature of these toons, we can't show them') below are my three favorite, plus a link to the collection of them all.

(profanity warning) The Grow The FUCK UP!! comment still stands. Damn already.

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