08 February 2006

The Apocalypse is Nigh!!

What other conclusion is there to be drawn from this news, but that our pending doom (or salvation for the chosen few) draws closer and closer.

(some rough beast is slouching towards Bethlehem, indeed).

(as usual, news of the coming Apocalypse found via Drudge)

(the gratuitous Hal Lindsey link just for fun, The Late Great Planet Earth seems to still be spinning, afterall)

UPDATE: How could I have missed this obvious portent, going into tonight's battle, The Clippers are the team with a 9 of 10 winning streak, and The Pistons are the struggling losers of 3 out of 5 recent contests. If that's not an ill omen, than I don't know what is. and FYI, Elton Brand=MVP, repeat after me, Elton Brand=MVP, again, Elton Brand=MVP, got it, good).

UPDATE, TOO: It really is the end times! For the Lakers Brian Cook scored over 25 points on consecutive nights and Kwame Brown played defense against the Rockets. The Lakers are back (maybe, but if Brown only played defense each night the Lakers could be scary good, too much to ask I know), and The Gutty Little Clippers played well, closed the gap but finished poorly. Still 4-2 on their road trip is pretty good (and losing to Miami in Miami and Detroit in Detroit is something most teams do).

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