19 January 2006

You Ain't Wrong Thursday (19 January 2006)

A new feature (I'm going to be all about the features) I'll be playing with on this blog is 'You Ain't Wrong Thursday'.

Just a few links to other bloggers who 'Ain't Wrong' (and being 'ain't wrong' won't automatically mean that the commenter is 'right').

First up, Tammy Bruce has this about Bin Laden's latest, and She Ain't Wrong.

Pooh's regular feature, Asshole of the Week, features MLB, and needless to say, He Ain't Wrong.

Via TVNewswer comes this post and though the linked post gets very many things, very wrong, the quote from Mary Anne Marsh, "If Democrats aren't willing to stand and fight, then how are we ever going to win?" she asks. If Democrats aren't "willing to go on Fox and make the case, shame on Democrats." shows that, She Ain't Wrong.

And the fug girls express themselves regarding their Celebrity Emaciation Watch at the Golden Globes, and again They Ain't Wrong (and damn, women, eat a sandwich, collarbones that could cut glass, aren't sexy, or healthy)

The good Professors Bainbridge and Volokh (at UCLA law) weigh in on the latest agitation from UCLAProfs.com. They both view the tactics of these folk with skepticism, but they both have great points to make about the changes technology are bringing to the classroom. They Ain't Wrong.

And finally, Andrew Sullivan at his new Time Inc. home, has some thoughts on the post-PC age, and for a change, He Ain't Wrong.

UPDATE: I can't help but do a little self promotion. Anytime a higher-traffic blog chooses to link to one of my posts, they will get a big time, very appreciative, only slightly humble, She/He/They Ain't Wrong.

UPDATE, TOO: Once you start thinking in these terms of giving a shout out to people who 'ain't wrong' it's hard to stop. Well a big fat 'you ain't wrong' to of all people Jacques Chirac!!(via Clayton Cramer, by way of Instapundit) When threatened with crazies sometimes you got to get crazy right back at them. So as much as it pains me to say, Jacques Chirac has earned himself a big, fat, sloppy, He Ain't Wrong.

Any more examples of Aintwrongness (if Colbert can coin 'truthiness' I'll work on coining 'aintwrongness' (here's an invitation to spread it out all over the place, I'm sure that there are moments my dozens of readers and fellow bloggers can find for using the term 'aintwrongness')) will have to wait till next Thursday to get their props.

UPDATE, III: THE QUICKENING: I've been So Quoted, maybe I'm on to something here. I'll keep an eye out for more aintwrongness all week.


Icepick said...

Does this me you'll soon have a regular feature "You Couldn't Be Less Right Monday"?

Pooh said...

"You Couldn't Be Less Right Monday"?

What would we talk about between SB XL and the start of next football season?

XWL said...

I'm thinking a slightly slangier version of 'Oh no you didn't' Monday, but I'm boomtownratsian when it comes to Mondays so that might have to be a Tuesday feature (which I could exhort all my readers at the end of the post with a hearty 'See You Next Tuesday!')

And speaking of 'you couldn't be less right monday' I'm composing my Championship Week football picks shortly.

Icepick said...

XWL, I saw your picks, although I didn't read the analysis too closely. Really, these games are hard to pick. I don't think any combination of winners looks that wierd. What DOES look weird is a possible 5 seed vs. 6 seed SB. That's just plain freaky.

Icepick said...

Pooh, thankfully, between the SB and the start of next season God has placed Spring Practice and the draft. Otherwise life not be worth living....