11 January 2006

Wind! It Blows

Whole Foods promises to use wind energy for all its energy needs. OK, not really, they promise to buy energy credits that may someday be turned into wind power.
Because power does not flow from wind farms directly to a home or business through a utility grid, Whole Foods is purchasing energy credits — like a voucher — that assure wind energy eventually gets placed on the grid.
In other words, It's a publicity ploy, paid to a slush fund of a hypothetical company that may one day exist, but more than likely is an Enron-lette of bought and traded energy credits that 5 years from now will be found out to have been trading all these energy credits, living off of the float, and not doing a durn thing to develop more wind power. (and if they are smart, Whole Foods will get a kickback from whatever energy trader they contract with)

Now if they really want to generate some power, just trap the windbaggery that goes on in their twee little cafes as all the granola eaters graze on their greens and sip their teas and coffees as they congratulate each other on how 'progressive' and 'green' and 'earth friendly' they are.

(Outside of my neighborhood Whole Foods, while walking before the '04 election, I was approached by a sincere young lass who tried to sign me up to volunteer for the Kerry campaign, when I told her I wouldn't vote for that windbag in a million years, her reaction was, 'But you can't vote for Nader again, he's screwed up the last election', her worldview wouldn't allow for someone to be passing by that part of Santa Monica and be a supporter of President Bush. Her gaped mouth stare as I told her that I was a strong supporter of President Bush was priceless)

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