21 January 2006

Scully Who?

So Gillian Anderson isn't Scully, and don't you forget it. She is so not Scully that she's decided to become British for awhile. This from the L.A. Times interview.

Do you feel more at home in England?

I do. I don't know if it is because my early years were spent there. I was 2 to 11, and it was my first language, so to speak.
I've excerpted that in a way to make her sound somewhat foolish. Read the article if you want the context.

And that candid shot of her is rather disturbing. How dare actresses roughly my age suddenly look much older than they did only a few years ago.

(if I were her publicist I'd sue, unless they intended for the above shot to be in the LATimes so people will consider her a more 'serious' actress with 'character'. In the old Studio days, that picture wouldn't have seen the light of day, let alone a major newspaper (which the LA Times still qualifies, almost))

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