18 January 2006

Say it isn't so.

First the Patrick Frey revelations, and also recently JT Leroy, but this, this is too much.

Carrie Bradshaw (OK, not her, but Candace Bushnell, same thing), prudish hausfrau?

But she maintains that, despite the perceived view of her as racy spokeswoman for love-hungry Manhattanites, there was never actually that much sexual content in her writing; the television series was, instead, considerably tickled-up by a team of screenwriters, including two homosexual men. They were responsible, she says, a little grumpily, for transforming Samantha from an averagely libidinous character into a predatory bed-hopper who carried on 'like a gay man'.

Those durn homosexual writers, wanting to spice up a TV Show with . . . . . . . . SEX (ewww! gross, so all that dreary domesticity and pairing off in the last season was Bushnell's doing?).

And lest the interviewer miss an opportunity to assert British superiority over grubby Americans, here's the money paragraph
Clearly, I am flawed. Not only am I a hopelessly unsisterly misogynist, but, by her standards, I'm bone idle, too. Over in slothful Britain, I tell her, there is a move towards achieving a work-life balance that embraces family, personal wellbeing and leisure time. This outmoded, having-it-all work ethic she so admires is, surely, nothing more than executive drudgery

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