17 January 2006

The post where I reveal just how geeky I can be.

The ghost of Haley Joel Osment's character from Sixth Sense (oh, wait, he was the alive one, hope I didn't spoil anything) seemed to be whispering in every one's ear yesterday, 'I see racist people'.

Kotaku title this post World of Whitecraft.

Everyone responding pointed out that wanting to communicate with groupmates should be considered the primary reason for wanting to verify language skills in a game where unless you are using third party add ons, typing is the only method of communication. (and for your edification, or soporification, is an academic's take on WoWspeak)

Coordination of a group is the difference between a fun successful group, or a frustrating foray into fast and frequent death.

Having played the game to several high level characters (since retired, maybe when the expansion comes Ryoushikun will hunt again) I can attest to the frustration of grouping with someone who clearly can't respond in English, only wants to make as much loot as possible for themselves and doesn't show much concern if you live or die.

Language-ism isn't racism, even if the expression of those language preferences may take on racist over tones, that doesn't make everyone who prefers easy communication in a group a racist.

Now since I've just upped my geek score, let's talk about those recent speed Rubik's Cube solving competitions. . . . . .

(I remember kids in my Junior High (let's say in 1982-3) solving their scrambled cubes in 13-15 seconds (either I mis-remember, or geeks today are getting soft), as measured on glorious red LED digital watches (funny how much more those cost now), but they would condition their cubes by pulling them apart and spraying everything that moves with silicone spray, the recent competition probably supplied the cubes so they might have been too tight to achieve the highest possible speeds)

And one more completely unrelated digression that I don't feel rises to the level of requiring a separate post.

Yet another freeway chase today. The runner was a Scion xB. When the CHP attempted a PIT maneuver on surface streets the driver managed to keep going without too much problem (the short length of the car, coupled with the placement of the wheels at the corners benefitted the runner). I flipped between KCBS 2 (they have a 'car chase' link on the left bar, but no video from the most recent one yet, possibly soon) and KCOP 13, (no newslinks at site, just UPN publicity) and on both channels there was some sort of comment of the 'box on wheels' variety and surprise regarding 'that little car's going 75 mph!'. HATERS!

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