17 January 2006

The obligatory waste of column inches

I predict the last 'the boomers are different from the old people in the past' article to waste column inches sometime in the year 2045 ('The earlier boomers are hitting the century mark, yet they're still sexy, fun-loving, and riding motorcycles!)

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Icepick said...

Dude, here's hoping you're right about the 2045 bit. It's possible that some of these Boomers will live long enough to get the magic longevity treatments that the white coat guys keep mentioning. And if THAT happens, it means that for all eternity we Gen-Xers and younger will have to hear about how FAB-u-lous the Boomers are in perpetuity. Sartre only stated a specific case. Here's another: Hell is other generations!

Is it too soon to be contemplating generational genocide?