24 January 2006

Nick Denton, Call Me.

Here's my desperate plea for attention from the mighty GawkerMedia empire.

This from Gawker about CNN's recent poll.

and in contrast here is what CNN says about themselves
CNN.com is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and in bureaus worldwide, CNN.com relies heavily on CNN's global team of almost 4,000 news professionals. CNN.com features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.
Funny, nothing in that 'about us' statement includes a mention of half-assed polls with really stupid response choices. (Also, can you hear James Earls Jones intoning the Woof Woof, or Grrrr from the poll, . . . .I didn't think so).

From Defamer, some terrific links.

The Drew Barrymore on SNL demonstrates how unfunny SNL is even when they are funny. (sad, sad, sad)

The flying pooch link on the other hand, COMEDY GOLD (and possible animal cruelty, I think there is some flying urine in that clip as well, resolution too low to be certain).

Finally, this from Kotaku (which if they need an L.A. based occaisonal correspondent, call me)

Couple the Brain Trainer games with Nintendogs and you have some serious killer aps for the DS, (at least if Nintendo intends to market them to people over 50, why not Boomers are different from previous old folks (so they constantly remind us) so why not try and get them hooked on a handheld game device).

UPDATE: Speaking of old people lusting after the DS, Kotaku posts this. (I made my comment first, maybe someone from GawkerMedia had a looksie (or the idea was really obvious))

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