09 January 2006

Doggie Blogging

Inspired by this post from Michelle Malkin, I've decided to create a top ten list of hypothetical unfortunate dog names for political figures.

10. Chairman Howard Dean's dog, Scream
9. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff's dog, Grafty
8. Rep. Howard Waxman's dog, Nostrils
7. Rep. Nancy Pelosi's dog, Bug Eye (a pug, naturally)
6. Vice President Dick Cheney's dog, Ticker
5. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's dog, Elocution
4. Markos 'Daily Kos' Moulitsas Zuniga's dog, Screw 'Em
3. Rev. Pat Robertson's dog, Sanity
2. Sen. Hillary Clinton's dog, Bill (a horndog?)
(drum roll). . . . . and the number one, unfortunate dog name for a political figure
1. Sen. Ted Kennedy, Splash (The only real one on this list, it's simply too absurd not to be the top choice. What was he thinking?)

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