25 January 2006

The definition of irony? (basketball edition)

Vinsanity talking about the importance of the 'team concept'
Vince Carter preached to reporters.

"The only bad thing about it is young kids, whose minds are easily warped, are going to think, 'Ohhh, I am going to go out there and do it' instead of the team concept first," he said.
He said this in reference to Kobe's 81, what he meant to say, 'Damn, I wish I did that first, I'm dropping at least 70 next time we play Toronto'.

Bill Plaschke has an article in the LATimes about the hateration against Kobe.

(funny though, considering in the past I recall Plaschke's done some haterating on Kobe himself)

A few more quotes from the article
As for that admitted dog Vince Carter, well, hearing him talk about role modeling is like listening to Ben Roethlisberger talk about grooming.

Then there was the quote from the Miami Heat's Antoine Walker, who told reporters, "If somebody gets 81 on me, I'm going to clothesline him."
That, of course, will never happen, because in order to clothesline somebody, Walker must first guard somebody.

And an aside, Wilt's famous game from Hershey, PA. wasn't filmed. Why hasn't somebody used EA's NBA Live 2006 to recreate the game? There's a book about the game, and shot charts should be available, using the box score you should be able to create a recreation of the game. I'd like to see that, EA should get it done and use it as a demo for the XBOX 360 version or as a pre-release promo for the PS3 version. (rights issues would be the biggest stumbling block, and the expense of building models of players you'd only use for a one-off project)

They could give themselves some pub, and provide a missing link to basketball history. Do it as a cross promo with ESPN Classic and you could even televise it like a real game, with Al Michaels and Bill Walton announcing.

Get it done folks, I'd watch.

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Pooh said...

NBA Live '06 is not as good as March Madness '06.

Apropo of very little, but still...