27 November 2005

Greatest Films (A list of the lists)

Here are separate links to the finished lists:
2-10 of Hearts, J-A of Hearts, 2-10 of Clubs, J-A of Clubs, 2-10 of Diamonds, J-A of Diamonds, 2-10 of Spades, J-A of Spades, Jokers.

And a straight, no links list of the films follows:

Hearts: Crimes of Passions, The Moderns, Matador, The Blue Angel, El Amor Brujo, Written on the Wind, Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx, Devdas, Ghost World, Tampopo, Heavenly Creatures, Blue Velvet, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Clubs: The Thief of Bagdad, The Roaring Twenties, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Wild Bunch, Kill Bill (vol 1&2), Patton, The Big Sleep, Spartacus, T2: Judgement Day, In Harm's Way, Battle Royale, Kung Fu Hustle, The Master of the Flying Guillotine

Diamonds: Jaws, Quick Change, The Third Man, Cleopatra, Fantastic Planet, The Empire Strikes Back, La Belle et la Bete, Steamboat Bill, Jr., L'Age D'Or, The Seven Samurai, The Bicycle Thief, Goodfellas, Citizen Kane

Spades: The Lavender Hill Mob, The Big Clock, The Lady Eve, Vertigo, Run Lola Run, The Incredibles, Duck Soup, Amores Perros, Ridicule, Double Indemnity, Life of Brian, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Dr. Strangelove

Jokers: El Topo, Team America:World Police

Strange list, I know, and many omissions that others would put on (where is Gone With the Wind, where is Casablanca, where is Wizard of Oz, where is Ishtar???) It's my list, it's my blog, feel free to add comments though, either at the original posts or in this summary. Hope you've been humored and informed at the very least by my humble list.

That took longer than expected, and including all those links to IMDB almost felt like work. (life before IMDB is a distant unpleasant memory, what an amazing resource that is)

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