28 July 2008

I Really Want to Have Something to Say About This Article, But I'm Coming Up Dry . . .

From today's Daily Mail:
Not quite. While it ticked some of the boxes on their list - regular testing for sexually transmitted infections, a safe environment - it was altogether, well, over the top.

They didn't approve of the way the girls were brought out in a lineup for the client to choose. As Jean put it afterwards: 'It was a bit like a dog show.'

Shirley did not like the fact that the girl who was chosen didn't have an option about whether to accept. 'I think a girl should be able to say no to a man if she doesn't like the look of him.'

So what, precisely were these Hampshire grandmothers doing, weighing up the pros and cons of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch?

The ranch was one of a number of brothels visited by the pair in Holland, America and New Zealand as part of their 'research' for the campaign by Hampshire WI to decriminalise prostitution.
. . . sorry, I've failed as a blogger, I've got nothing to add, but do read the linked article, it's interesting.

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bill said...

Even the paper had the good sense to put research in quotes.